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Local Newspaper Week 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Looking forward to better days to come...

By Sir Ray Tindle

This is Local Newspaper Week, which gives us an opportunity to thank you, our readers and advertisers, for your support.

We do our best to repay it through our columns each week. Tell us of forthcoming events we may not have covered.

We’ll try our best to include your notes of such occasions, particularly if you include mention of as many participants as possible.

If you send us all of the names we’ll publish them. Photographs full of local faces will be welcomed.

It’s your paper. Help us to fill it with your news, as well as news of your school or church or club or team. Send us a report or details of every event. We’ll do the rest.

We know it has not been a good year for most people and it has not been a good year for most businesses. Some of us thought the upturn would come in 2011, but for most of us it didn’t.

There are perhaps one or two indications that signs of improvement are beginning to appear now. We hesitated before actually saying this because, we must admit, that’s what we thought in the spring of last year.

Nevertheless, some signs are showing through and we must remain optimistic.

The downturn must end, of course. Every previous downturn has ended and mostly with a pronounced (and very welcome) upturn.

This newspaper, your local, has been covering the town and surrounds for 28 years and has seen many downturns in its time. So have all the other 1,100 local newspapers in the UK.

That’s why we can say with conviction that the better days will come and, if precedent is followed, they will be much better than in the past.

So we believe the upturn will start this year – this Diamond Jubilee Year, this Olympic Year.

This newspaper is not biased towards any political party, but we can be fairly sure that all parties will join us in wishing for a speedy end to the recession, a rapid end to the unemployment problem and help for all in need.

We believe the politicians and all residents who have the welfare of this area at heart will endeavour to support our local traders and shops and keep the lifeblood of our area flowing.

It’s our community. We all wish it and all its residents all the very best for the coming months.

We are at your service.

Sir Ray Tindle Proprietor

Copyright Tindle Newspapers Ltd Thursday, 31 July 2014

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