Rhiannon learns of Barry man’s chance meeting with her long-lost father

By Tim Chapman in Local People

TWO weeks ago, The GEM told the story of Rhiannon Storrs who was looking for her long-lost Welsh father.

A mother of two, who lives in Yorkshire, she was desperate to track down David Gwynfor Jones, known as ‘Buck’, who was a familiar character to many people in Barry in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

Buck worked for Pioneer Concrete and played darts in the local leagues. He even once took on world champion Eric Bristow in an exhibition match.

Rhiannon hasn’t seen him for around 30 years, and believes he went to live in north Wales.

She was hoping that someone in Barry might have information that might lead her to him.

Not long after the story hit the streets, someone phoned up The GEM with interesting news.

Brian Williams from Barry called to say he’d seen Buck at Winchester Services on the M3 four years ago.

Mr Williams was working as a lorry driver at the time.

He said: “I was at the services sitting in my lorry having my 45-minute break when there was a tap on the door. It was Buck.

“He’d put on a bit of weight and lost some hair like we all have, but looked as fit as a fiddle.

“He said to me: ‘You don’t know who I am do you?’ and it was only when he started talking that I realised who he was.

“I used to know him because when he lived in Barry he knocked around with people I knew.”

Brian only knew him by his nickname, not his first name of David. “Everybody used to call him Buck.”

Buck had spotted that Brian’s truck had ‘Moreton Ltd, Barry’ on it – and that is why he strolled over for a chat.

Brian said: “I also knew Buck because I was at the West End Labour Club – as it was known at the time – when he applied to be a member. It may have been because he wanted to play darts for the club.”

Brian’s recollection was that Buck was driving a tipper truck on the day; he was living in north Wales and working on sites in the Southampton area on week days.

Rhiannon was thrilled to hear that someone had seen her father in good health, albeit four years ago.

When The GEM told her about Brian bumping into her father, she said: “It’s absolutely brilliant news. I’m in shock. I’m trying to take in what you have just said.”

She added that it was a definite encouragement in her search.

If anyone has any further details that might help Rhiannon, please email: tim.chapman@glamorgan-gem.co.uk.

LATE NEWS: Rhiannon thinks her father may have tried to make contact with her in the last couple of days.

GEM note: Rhiannon’s previous surname was Pattison which was used in the first article.

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